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Daavid Stein

Daavid has been tutoring and teaching math for over 8 years. Once upon a time, Daavid had his own struggles with math, but persevered. Along the way, he gained first-hand insight into the kinds of troubles students run into, and how to best overcome them. He co-founded MathBusters Tutoring in 2014 after realizing that the reason most students struggle with math is simply because they haven’t been taught correctly. In his tutoring sessions, he tries to inspire his students with his genuine passion for the subject. Besides teaching all subjects and levels of math, Daavid enjoys teaching computer programming, physics, and language arts. When Daavid isn’t tutoring for MathBusters, he conducts STEM field trips as the STEM Educator for Tampa SkateWorld. Daavid holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Florida International University.

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Noah Johnson

Noah has been teaching math and computer programming for the last three years. He believes that mathematics is not about memorizing arcane formulas without understanding their meaning, but about combining logic with creativity to create useful models. In his tutoring, he helps his students obtain an intuitive grasp of the material, and answer the “why”s and “how”s that are far too often ignored. Noah has a B.A. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from New College of Florida.

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