Math Tips 4:

Revenge of the Math Tips! [huge_it_share] Prove it! “But why?” was the question my math teachers hated to hear most. But it’s a perfectly good question, and any decent math teacher should be able to answer it. If you don’t believe a mathematical fact, the good news is you probably […]

Math Tips 3:

The Math Tips Strike Back! [huge_it_share] Your textbook is your best friend If all of our students had a good relationship with their textbook, MathBusters might be almost out of business. Okay, we’re pretty awesome so we’d probably do just fine. But you will save a lot of money on […]

More Math Tips

Part 2: The Language of Math [huge_it_share] Know the definitions Math has its own language with its own vocabulary. You wouldn’t expect to do well on a cell biology test if you don’t know what a ribosome or an endoplasmic reticulum is. And chances are, you won’t get the best […]

Math Tips

[huge_it_share] Math is different from other subjects At MathBusters, we have a lot of experience teaching and tutoring math. And you know what? Some of us weren’t always good at it. Some of our tutors learned the hard way that they kept making the same kinds of mistakes over and […]